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Out Loud & Digital is a Strategy, Innovation & App Development Agency.

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A strong strategy is an increasingly-important component of planning for the future.

It requires careful planning, an understanding of the common vision and a strong focus on a single purpose to minimise cost & maximise efficiency.

Whether you need a web or mobile native App, a 24/7 monitoring App or any business-critical system, we have delivered a variety and have a team to help you.

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The reality is that there is no such thing as UX strategy. There is only product strategy.

Our founding engineers have been developing softwares since 1999 adapting over time key elements to the UX or user experience focused interface design on user interaction components creating next generation experiences for both the web and mobile.


No two projects are the same, and no two products are built exactly the same way. our advanced developers uses best practices and are experts in the latest standards and front-end frameworks, as well as server-side platforms.

Our integrated process highly adopts Manifesto for Agile Software Development to ensure stakeholder collaboration, and precise clarity into project status. Individuals and interactions enables us to quickly respond to changes and requirements to ensure the UX strategy designed is exactly the same that is built.

Web and Smart Devices.
User Interface and Business Logic.
API and Remote Procedure Call.


Third-Party Software Integration.
Remote Access and Deployment.


Smart Reporting & Visualisation.
Real-time Data Discovery.
Sales/Marketing Analytics.

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We love building stuff for users.

We make technology work for customers not the other way around.

Our experts spend time with customers in their natural surroundings to define how they currently interact online and how proposed technologies would help them in their online experiences.

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A smarter user experience on all devices.
By handling every part of the workflow process we provide the best possible experience to customers.

Out Loud & Digital works with businesses to drive innovation and improve, engage and transform the customer's journey into a seamless and optimised online experience.

Online Strategy & Creative Design

A well-crafted landing page design can make a difference between a user buying into a product or losing interest. Our experts will help you design online goals, from ideas to live, and use proven techniques to come up with concepts that your customers will engage with.

eCommerce, ERP & CRM Solution

We help businesses transform their customer's purchase journey into a seamless & optimised shopping experience. We'd love to hear from you and learn how our bespoke & world-class software platform can do to power your business. Contact us today for a FREE 1hr consultation & 1hr workshop!

Service Blueprint & Innovation Consulting

Visualising the intangible - a technique we utilise for service innovation. We have also found applications in diagnosing problems with operational efficiency that we also apply to conceptualise structural change. By nature, we enable service or product concepts to depict anything from user actions to support processes.

Custom App Development / Startup Partnership

Out Loud & Digital turn ideas into reality. We bring together the right leadership, craftmanship and assets to launch early-stage startup ideas into real-life world-class ventures. We have a network of experts energised to get together, build prototype and force innovation.


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Some of the people we have worked with and we're proud to have been working with for many years, some even before we officially started OL&D.
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A core team of fanatical experts is what drives our creative services, giving our work exceed above our competition. At Out Loud & Digital, we are bound to 2 principles: honesty and dedication. When you work with us, you'll find that you are given complete transparency, respect, and our full commitment to excellence.

We have deployed business software solutions to small and medium enterprises. We are intensely devoted to lean and agile process. Our experts have over a decade of commercial experience on User Research(UX) and User Interface Design; Search Marketing; Bootstrap, JavaScript, NodeJS; We live and breathe Open Source Technologies - Ruby on Rails, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB. And yes folks, we have Open Source .NET CMS experts on DotNetNuke and Umbraco as well.

Consider Out-sourcing Options? Apart from your in-house designers/engineers you might even consider hiring some remote help. Outsourcing some of the basics might save you a lot of time and is more cost efficient than employing another developer. We can work on a contract basis and you won't be tied down to paying a fixed salary when the cash-flow is still low. Ideally you would have a close knit team situated in the same room or building, but this cannot be the case for all tech startups.

Mark Guadalupe

Strategy, Operations

Clyde Ariola

Engineering, Strategy

Ryan Canja

Strategy, Creative

Francis Yanga

Engineering, Strategy

Rod Rodriguez

Design, Creative




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